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May 20, 2021

Shopify SEO app: Top 10 best apps to get more organic traffic for your Shopify stores

Shopify SEO app plays an important role in boosting sales in online stores using this platform. However, default Shopify does not provide enough functions for the best SEO performance. Don’t worry! A Shopify SEO app can remove those limits.

1. SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

Shopify app

SEO Booster is one of best app in our list that offers many useful features. These include structured data functions auto-updates for alt text, and suggested SEO keyword updates. Besides, this module also offers insights and reports to help you improve better understand whether your SEO strategy is working as well as it should. In short, it’s a very robust app that will help your Shopify store to get more traffic from Google.
It’s created for everyone from beginners to advanced users. Thus, if you’re not comfortable with SEO, this application will help you become more confident to strategize and manage your SEO effectively.

2. Plug in SEO

Shopify app

Plug is a helpful tool for increasing traffic and sales. It would scan all of your SEO areas like page titles and headings, speed, structure and content freshness… to detect issues worth investing your time and budget in. This app also provides a clear and detailed report on your store’s SEO, blog and speed performance, as well as code snippets and instructions to solve the problems detected yourself.


  • Offer a clear and detailed report on your store’s SEO, blog and speed performance
  • Detect the problems worth investing your time in
  • Check all SEO areas like page titles and headings, speed, structure and content freshness…
  • Receive code snippets and instructions to fix the problems detected yourself
  • Constantly get reminded about your SEO performance via email

3. SEO Optimizer: All‑in‑one SEO

Shopify app

Taking benefits of Google Image Search is very crucial. Why? Because images compel customers to buy products. Thus, you need to assure your website is optimized for Google Image Search. That, fortunately, doesn’t need to be particularly hard.

SEO Image Optimizer automatically align the alt tag on your store’s images, and simplify the process of driving more traffic. The application is also super easy to use. With no coding skills, you can easily install and use its features.

4. SEO Manager

Shopify app

SEO Manager offers more than 25 powerful features, with 15 of which uniquely created by SEO Manager. Everything you’re gonna need to improve your SEO is installing this tool with some easily step Besides, this tool supports you with JSON-LD structured data for better Google search results rankings as well as identifies and automatically fixes 404 errors. SEO Manager also send you emails with real-time feedbacks on your SEO efforts, along with suggestions for enchantments


  • All SEO features you’re gonna need packed in one single app
  • JSON-LD structured data for better Google search results rankings
  • Identify and automatically fix 404 errors
  • Give real-time feedback on your SEO efforts
  • Provide step-by-step tutorial tour to guide you through the app’s 20 features

5. SEO Expert Pro ‑ All in One


SEO Expert Pro is a Shopify app designed to help you solve all of the SEO work easily. This single app is packed with all SEO functions you’re gonna need. It scans your online store thoroughly for any SEO problems and send you SEO error reports through email to keep you continually updated. Moreover, this tool also makes your online store compatible to JSON-LD and automatically submits data to Google in a structured format, which improves your ranking on search engine results. It even offers speed test and provides recommendations on how to have your website’s speed improved.


  • A single app with all SEO features you’re gonna need
  • Scan your store thoroughly for any SEO issues
  • Keep you updated with SEO error report directly via email
  • Make your store compatible to JSON-LD and automatically submit data to Google in a structured format
  • Run speed test and provide recommendations on how to improve website’s speed

6. JSON‑LD for SEO

Shopify SEO app

Attracting more potential customers when your web pages show up in Google search results is much easier with this app. Instead of simply showcasing the name and description of your web page, these types of snippets can show reviews, product pricing, and more. This allows customer better decide if your link is worth clicking on.

However, to make sure a Rich Snippet shows up, you need to show Google with large amounts of structured data. A single error in the data can prevent your Rich Snippets from come out in search results. Luckily, this tool create the necessary code, so it will be error-free.

7. SEO Doctor ‑ Rank Booster


EO Doctor is designed to help you get rank higher on Google, Bing, Pinterest and other search engines results. Also, this toll scans your e-store thoroughly for SEO issues. Once a problem is detected, you will instantly be informed, along with a list of suggestion on how to fix those errors. More importantly, SEO Doctor also optimizes your page title, description and product images, as well as set Alt tags automatically for product images to improve your rank higher on Google Image Search rankings.


  • Scan your store thoroughly for SEO issues
  • Offer easy-to-follow recommendation to fix issues detected
  • Optimize page title, description and product images to help you rank higher
  • Set Alt tags automatically for product images for better Google Image Search rankings
  • Improve website speed with smart image compression

8. SEO King


SEO Images All‑In‑One Seo is a helpful Shopify app to help you drive more traffic to your online store, thus boost sales. Also, this app optimizes your entire website for better web traffic. For instance, it compresses your product images so that your online store will be loaded faster. Likewise, it renames your pictures with popular Google search keywords and include micro-data to product pages so that you would rank higher on Google search results. It also adjust and magnifies your product images in various ways with square, resize, compress, and watermark.


  • Optimize your entire website for better web traffic
  • Make your website faster to load with compressed images
  • Rename your images with popular Google search keywords
  • Align and magnify your product images with square, resize, compress, and watermark
  • Add micro-data to product pages for better Google search rankings

9. SEO Suite


SEO Suite app assists you to generate parts of on-page SEO effortlessly. It is created to optimize website images and structure to be most fitting to the Google Search algorithm.

SEO Suite supports you to optimize your store such as image, alt tags, image size, and quality so it loads faster. It also automatically intergrade Google structure data and enables you to easily control your meta tags like title and description for each items. The weekly reports and integration with Google Search Console are additional benefits of this great application

10. Smart SEO


Running a Shopify eCommerce store can be a lot of tasks. You need to save time as much as possible. And Smart SEO is effective solution to help you in this capacity. Although it comes with several features, its primary feature is to automatically create meta tags and alt tags and automatically solve broken links. Additionally, it also provides multi-language support for meta tags, which is very helpful for any merchants to run multiple website in different languages. With this, you can save a lot of time on processes you would otherwise have to directly solve yourself. As you know that, Shopify lacks the ability for merchants to control their website’s sitemap, and with the Smart SEO sitemap feature, you can easily edit the sitemap within the app.

Wrapping Up

There’s no difficulty in finding out Shopify SEO app in the market. However, the most suitable one will support you effectively in boosting up your SEO. Besides, if you plan to renovate your current site or build a brand-new one, we’re here to help. At Arrowtheme – we provide the integration and customization service to help merchants improve the customer experience.

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