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May 13, 2021

Shopify bulk discount app: Top 10 best apps for your Shopify store to make more money

Bulk discount app are an effective solution for you to improve the order value when transactions are made on your store. If you’re owning a Shopify store and want to add the distinctive functionality, don’t miss this post. Arrowtheme will recommend to you the top 10 Shopify bulk discount app, including free and paid extensions.

1. Bulk Discounts Now

Bulk Discounts Now

Bulk discount allows you can make up to 25,000 thousand coupons. The app works on three basic steps: create discounts with few second processing, then you click on any codes and change it into CSV file. In short, bulk discount is a great way in making discount codes become available to every online business, hence the customers are likely to come back your Shopify store and increase also. To assess the effectiveness of your online store, the admins can move to the dashboard to view statistics and trends recorded within a day, which support you in adjusting marketing strategy to attract more customers


  • Works Out-of-the-Box
  • Apply quantity-based breaks in bulk
  • Upsell customers on cart page
  • Show both fixed amount and percentage discounts
  • Show shoppers how much they are saving

2. Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor is one of the hottest app developed by Ablestar LLC in the field of marketing and sales. With this support of this app, you can dynamically edit prices, descriptions, tags, inventory levels by smart rules and placeholders. Besides, you can schedule, cancel, clone or undo any edit and preview the results of your edit in real time.

3. Quantity Breaks & Discounts


Quantity Discount comes with the different features that help the Shopify store owners generate discounts and attract more shoppers. Moreover, it is very simply for the users to install and integrate with other plugins for your Shopify store just by a click. In addition, this module also helps the shop owners to boost the sales and advertise more effectively. In addition to that, there is the outstanding feature which simplifies the checkout process by motivating the shoppers to purchase more. All the discounts show on the page with a pop-up window to any users. The shoppers will be reminded again when they go back the products cart. Last but not least, there are multiple products are made via a tiered pricing scale.


  • Provide tiered pricing levels that entice customers to order more than one of a product.
  • Enhance AOV with bulk discounting.
  • Encourage wholesalers to your store.
  • Customize the look and the text of the content from the app to make it blend more into your online store

4. Bulk Discount & Price Editor


By integrating this Shopify bulk discount app, you can apply a sale discount to any item or product variant. Once you set a sale start date and time, all the prices will adjust to discounted prices. And once the sale is over, the module automatically changes the items back to their original prices. More importantly, The Bulk Discount & Price Editor app (ex Instant Bulk Discount) support you to:


  • Be confident that discounts apply at the given time and save a lot of money
  • Truly count on the app in case of sustainable work and compatibility with other apps
  • Manage all your discount rules on the dashboard easily.

5. Bulk Discount Code Generator

Bulk Discount Code Generator

The Bulk Discount Generator app is an effective way for any shop owners who want to boost their own business by discounts. Also, this app enables admin to import numbers of discount codes into store without wasting time and effort. Moreover, it is very simple for you to install this app, everything you need do is a click. In addition, it helps the users the ways to encourage the customers by adding the unique codes automatically to their carts. Besides, the shop owners are able to filter out customer’s demands to support the customers in real time. Last but not least, all the features of this app are customizable so the users enable making it on their own.


  • Save time and cost
  • Provide Pop-ups and other marketing emails
  • Use the unique codesand sharing sites easily
  • Provide the Cart and browse abandonment
  • Generate sets of unique discount

6. Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

The SpurIT company has developed a Shopify app called Bulk Discount Manager which helps the Shopify store owners influence their business by adding more discount codes on their stores. This discount app can save much of Time for you on installing and increasing the sales. Besides, it integrates with many other Shopify apps, so the store will be more powerful.Moreover, the users enable adding more discounts on the selected products in the customer’s cart. More importantly, the discount information will be displayed on your page whenever the visitors click any products. In addition, this app allows the store owners to add more icons to the live chat without paying anything.


  • Provide more discounts for a bulk discounts
  • Create sales by collection
  • Support the live chat
  • Manually customize theme
  • Display the special sale badge

7. Bulk Discounts


Bulk discount allows you to make up to 24,000 thousand coupons at a time, and the pool of these discounts will be distributed to customers when they land on your site. The app runs on three basic steps: generate discounts with few second processing, then you click on any codes and convert it into CSV file, and manage the codes by accessing to Shopify Admin Account. In general, bulk discount is a great tool in making discount codes become available to each merchant, hence the purchasers are likely to come back your store; profits, accordingly increase also. To evaluate the effectiveness of your shop, the admins can go to the dashboard to see statistics and trends recorded within a day, which assists you in changing marketing strategy to attract more buyers.


  • Produce thousands of codes
  • Keep loyalty customers
  • Boost sales revenue
  • Manage the number of orders
  • Install freely

8. Quantity Price Breaks

Quantity Price Breaks

This Shopify app allows you to set up the discounts for products based on the number in the cart. This can be performed as a fixed amount or as a lower unit price or as a percentage discount. This means that you can enhance and increase order values by enticing shoppers to put more into their basket.

With this app, you can easily set up the minimum and maximum values of the number of items that the shoppers can have in their basket. So, if they have more than 10 in their basket, for instance, they can’t order any more. This prevents some shoppers from abusing your system and then selling your products on for an inflated price by decreasing the number they can have at one time.

Needless to say, this app is easy to install and configure. Without any coding skills, you can easily build a strong, robust sales technique .


  • Set percentage or set price discounts for multiple products being sold in one order.
  • Set the number of maximum products that can be sold to customers in one transaction.
  • Easy to setup, no need to have any developer skills.
  • Good support for those who need help using the app.

9. BD Bulk Discount Price Editor

BD Bulk Discount Price Editor

Use this app to provide storewide discounts to your catalog within seconds and help shoppers to save money and enhance conversions rates. Besides, this module allows you to add in rules into the system and apply them at once to specific products, entire collections or the whole store. This is an effective way for when you have a special event or for specific sale seasons.

When the sale is over, you can set up the prices to reset back to their presale level. There are no extra steps and it can be done automatically if you’re using the scheduling facility. More than that, you can set up discounts as a fixed amount or a discount. And all rules can be easily controlled in one click. Disable, enable as you want only with some simple clicks.


  • Manage sales on your website quickly and without hassle.
  • One click and discounts can be applied across your store.
  • Reset pricing in a single click to products.
  • Easy to use and quick to install.

10. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts


This app enables you to setup product bundles with multiple types of discounts that enhance the conversion rate of your online store. The app is simple to use, quick to install and comes with at a good low price. Therefore, it should be one of the contenders on your shortlist.


  • Schedule Bundles today to BFCM(Black Friday & Cyber Monday) Season
  • ScriptEditor App Integration (Shopify Plus)
  • Match cart with multiple bundles
  • Match cart multiple times for the same bundle
  • Generate a bundle page with all your bundles
  • Embed Bundle in any page(Homepage, Shopify Page, Collection, etc.)

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available Shopify bulk discount app in the market. Now make your own decision – pick for yourself the best suitable Shopify app. Visit the our store to browse even more Shopify apps and Shopify themes for your online business.

Wrapping up

If you’re already doing a Shopify website, it’s likely that you’re at least reaching some app to power up your website. But remember, it is always much better to have the best support for experts. You can find a technology company to do integration and customization for your website. At Arrowtheme, we provide the professional service to help merchants improve the customer experience. Want to know more about our Shopify service? Check it out

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