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May 16, 2021

Shopify testimonials app: Top 10 best apps to improve customers retention and user experience

Arrowtheme ’ve picked out 10 of the best Shopify testimonials app on the market. Each of the apps in our list been chosen for the ease in which they allow you to gather and show reviews, along with their ability to integrate with your Shopify store without affecting speed, design, or user experience

1. Product Reviews & Testimonials

Shopify testimonials app

Testimonials + Product Reviews is a helpful tool for you to increase traffic and enrich descriptions on your products page by showing reviews, testimonials & photo reviews via. emails. With this app, you can easily showcase product reviews on your product pages or any web pages. Also, this module assists your customers to submit feedback about your products from the frontend and you can assign it from the side of the admin

Using this review app, the admin can send a review request to the shoppers easily and fast. Moreover, your customers can directly send and submitted the feedback without having your online store opened. In short, this app comes with many more helpful features such as Import Reviews, Loading Time, integrated with this application.


  • Photo Reviews Widget
  • Automated & Manual Emails for Review Request
  • Track Email Delivery
  • Provide Coupon Codes to Write Reviews
  • Show Reviews in Google Search

2. Product Reviews

Shopify testimonials app

If you’re new to Shopify and want a cheap and simple way to include reviews to your online store, this Shopify testimonials app is a great solution for you. Moreover, the biggest benefit we can pay to Shopify’s tool is that it gets the job done. It can be customized to match nicely with any Shopify store and makes it as smoothly as you want to gather, manage, and publish reviews.


  • Simple customization
  • Bulk management
  • Download reviews as a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Multiple theme integration
  • Use review scores to Google search results.

3. Social Testimonial Slider

Shopify testimonials app

Social Testimonial Slider is a helpful Shopify testimonials app that allows clients show their reviews through Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Customers will easily display comments and sharing feedbacks about any services or products for other users on social media. Moreover, you can easily build a great testimonials sliders from these app reviews. Therefore, it is an effective way to create a belief of shoppers with Social Proof and nice templates. You can also improve SEO code in promoting content with distinctive testimonials showed daily. More importantly, you can easily import reviews from Facebook pages.


  • Enables users to show their public reviews
  • Improve SEO in promoting content
  • Post reviews on Google Search Result
  • Can import reviews from Facebook pages
  • Can download reviews instantly

4. Product Reviews & UGC

Shopify testimonials app

Okendo Shopify testimonials app provides everything you need in a testimonial app for Spotify. Firstly, the app is developed specifically for high-performing the shop owners. Also, it comes with a hefty price tag as a result. If you’re just setting out on your Shopify journey you might need to start with something a bit more affordable and ,
professionally and then graduate to this when you’re ready to take your store to the next level.


  • Automated review requests
  • Easy uploading of visual content for customers.
  • Widgets to show customer testimonials at each stage of the buying journey.
  • Simple to use dashboard to monitor performance.
  • Tools to send review content to Google search results, Google Shopping, and social media.
  • Multiple integration options
  • Unlimited review requests 

5. Testimonials Slider

Testimonials Slider

Testimonial Slider will assist your customers to show their feedbacks about your product or services. By using this app, you are equipped a width layout to give it an appealing look. You can also prove that the author is real by showcasing the author’s name and photo with high belief according to an icon with a link to their social account. Likewise, it will find the suitable line for you and express them in an best way. More importantly, you can easily select your layout such as a slider to present your testimonials as a part of some page, grid. However, if there’s a total page select to testimonials on your online store, your testimonials will look connected and allure.

So if you looking for a powerful app with lots of features, you need to download it with a small fee of nearly $5 per month.


  • Offers width layout to give it an apparent look
  • Show author’s name and photo with high belief
  • Post caption for company name, position
  • Attach link to the website of the author
  • Responsive and suitable for both computer and mobile

6. Testimonials Master

Testimonials Master

Your patron’s testimonials are the most important asset you have to construct believe in your products and service. With this app, you’ll display your buyer’s testimonials for the duration of a totally appealing and professional manner.

The shop owner can easily choose from distinct layouts, shade issues in addition to upload images to make certain your testimonials match your store in the professional way. Besides, the easy and streamlined interface will allow you to set up the module in much less than 5 minutes with no coding knowledge. The photo upload feature enables your customers to upload pictures at the side of the testimonials. Also, as a admin store, you could manipulate options to display or hide patron name, date posted, snapshots from the backend.


  • Color options available for all text
  • Load more options with the limit set
  • Control options to show/hide information
  • Export testimonial in pdf/excel format
  • Can upload photos along with the testimonials.

7. Etsy, Facebook & Photo Reviews

 Etsy, Facebook & Photo Reviews

Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review is a great tool for all online store to collect and showcase the customer reviews on your Shopify store. With this app, emails are sent to customers for their reviews to prevent missing out on any potential review. Also, your customers will be provided 4 fully customizable widgets to show your reviews. Likewise, each widget adds a special touch to the page where it is shown. On top of that, after enabling Google Rich Snippets on this app, reviews and star rating are displayed on Google search engine results. As a result, it helps you to increase sales, customer engagement, the reputation and SEO.


  • Send emails to remind your customers to give reviews
  • Display existing reviews and testimonials from your social media sites
  • Show off review count and rating in Google search engine results
  • Automatically share your 5-star reviews on Facebook page
  • Offer high-quality services through every step

8. Fera Product Reviews App

Fera Product Reviews App

Fera is the easiest reviews solution for Shopify store with customizable widgets that look great from the start. Moreover, this Shopify app allows you to maximize social proof and customer trust without compromising your brand.


  • Easy shoppers review, photos & video management
  • Beautiful rating, review & photo widgets
  • Automatic review, photo & videos growth
  • Trusted company + fastest servers
  • Limitless review customization

9. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Opinew is a great app designed to make it easy for the shop owners to import testimonials and reviews. If you’re beginners but already sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or AliExpress, this module is a great solution to the review ball rolling.

Moreover, this app focuses heavily on optimizing reviews for load speed and there are useful functions to edit the review widget and customize emails. Although this app lacks in marketing and integration tools, it makes up for in its ability to reuse reviews that you already have.


  • Supports over 25 languages.
  • Easily move reviews over from major marketplaces and other Shopify testimonial apps
  • Automated review requests
  • Photo review support
  • Simple customizable
  • Include star reviews and product info in Google search results.

10. Product Reviews

Shopify testimonials app
Download is one of the powerful testimonial apps in our list. It comes with a lot of useful features that help it stand out. The first is that it’s tailored specifically to your online store. When sign up, the’s support team asks you how you want to use the module and sets about customizing the widgets to fix your CSS.

Secondly, this app use the metafiles to capture reviews. Metafields store as plain text and they load faster than JavaScript. More than that, it looks great, loads fast, and performs well.


  • Unlimited custom forms
  • Easily check which emails have been delivered, opened, and clicked.
  • Email form customization
  • Show reviews in text, carousels, floating tabs, count badge, and images.
  • Push content to social media and search platforms in a few clicks.
  • Generate coupons and integrate rewards apps for upselling.

Wrapping up

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