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May 19, 2021

Shopify quote app: Top 10 best apps to increase conversions for your Shopify stores

There are no fixed prices for all items and services. Therefore, one Shopify quotation app should be considered for your store. Thanks to this app, you can build a suitable quoting system. Quote apps for Shopify allow you to collect information from customers and then create your own quote. Moreover, you can sometimes accept payments through your Shopify store, but you can also accept payments in other ways. As a result, if you’re looking for a Shopify quote app for your store, you should not miss this article. 

In this article, ArrowTheme will bring to you Top 10 best Shopify quote apps to increase conversions for your Shopify stores. So let’s go. 

Shopify quote appMake an Offer by Makeanoffer

Shopify quote app

Make an Offer by Makeanoffer is Shopify quote app you should not miss. Using this app, your online store may increase sales with ease. Thanks to an exit popup, when buyers want to leave the tab, exit popup will ask them for an offer. Furthermore, with Make an Offer, you can also set adjustable discount rules. Therefore, it can respond to shopper offers in a timely and effective manner. This Shopify quote app is really useful for ecommerce stores. Not only that, you may choose a few products that  customers will most likely ask a price for. Moreover, with just one click, you can install this Make an Offer quickly. However, the price of this app is quite expensive. Along with a 30-day free trial for you to discover. 

Awesome features:

  • Increase the number of conversations
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • Increasing sale

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Shopify quote appGlobo Request a Quote by Globo

quote app Shopify

Globo’s Request a Quote is a Shopify app that allows your customers to request a quote from your Shopify store. The Request a Quote button will appear on the app. When a customer clicks that button, a form appears for them to fill out with their price negotiation details. If you agree with the deal they offer, you can turn this quote into an order, and then an email will be sent to your customers automatically.

Awesome features:

  • Show the button “Request a Quote”
  • Assist your buyers in directly negotiating prices with the shop owners.
  • If you agree with the deal, convert the quote to an order right away.
  • Send order emails to your customers.
  • Allow customers to upload files while requesting a quote

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Request a Quote by Solvercircle

quote app

Request a Quote by Solvercircle is the favorite Shopify quote app pick of many shop owners. First of all, this Shopify quote app offers customers a wishlist that they can add the things they want. As a result, shop owners can learn about all of the customers’ wishes and information by looking at this wishlist. In addition, this app also allows the customers to submit quote requests. Following that, such quotes will be submitted to the Shop owners, who will set special prices based on the quantity of orders. This builds trust of customers. Because customers can negotiate for lower rates. Therefore, your sale will increase. Besides that, it is easy for everyone to set up the Request a Quote app by Solvercircle. 

Awesome features:

  • Allow your customers to submit quote requests.
  • Customers’ quotes should be sent to the site owner.
  • Allow the buyer to negotiate.
  • Build a wishlist to add products.
  • Send the details about the customers to the shop owners.

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Shopify quote app- Price Beater by Space squirrel ltd.

Shopify app

Price Beater by Space squirrel ltd. will help you to solve all problems about Shopify quote apps. Thanks to this app, your online shop has the opportunity to win other competitors. Besides that, you can receive both the price and your competitors via email. After that, the store owners may automatically give the customers an approval or rejection about their price. Furthermore, this app also gives you permission to create a discount program. Therefore, it encourages customers to purchase more with their expected prices in just a few clicks. Moreover, this app will collect the customer’s contact information via an elegant pop-up for potential sales.

Awesome features:

  • Enable email notifications to admins about price adjustments
  • Allows you to deal with any price issues that visitors may have.
  • Pop-up message is simple to modify.
  • Support for responding to customer offers

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Shopify quote app- Quick Quote by W3trends inc.

App quote Shopify

Quick Quote by W3trends inc. is another Shopify quote app in this list. Coming to this app, the checkout button will be covered. As a result, your customers will make an order by submitting requests via a quote. Additionally, You can use Quick Quote to generate a quote answer that includes some useful product detail, such as the discount. Besides that, this app has a unique feature. It keeps you updated on the status of your quote. Therefore, you can communicate with your customers directly from the quote screen. Not only that, you have an opportunity to change the price of a product before informing consumers. This function is critical because you have a large number of items with varying prices.

Awesome features:

  • Customers should be notified by email when you’re willing to make a quote.
  • Request quotes from your store directly.
  • Respond to the customer right away.
  • Enable you to make changes to the quote.

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WWE LTL Freight Quotes by Eniture technology

Freight Quotes

WWE LTL Freight Quotes by Eniture technology comes with lots of cool features. Firstly, this app will bring to you reliable real-time LTL freight quotes based on your actual agreed rates. It may result in an increase in conversions on large products and orders. Secondly, even though orders comes from different warehouses or drop shipped from suppliers, it still assists you in obtaining accurate shipping rates. Finally, this app gives you power on how the quotes are shown during checkout. You may also limit the number of LTL freight options offered, the carriers that are quoted, and even exclude carriers that you have had a terrible impression of.

Awesome features:

  • Limit the number of LTL freight options that appear on the screen.
  • Create a list of different warehouse and drop ship locations.
  • Exclude all carriers with whom you’ve had a bad experience.

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Get a Quote & Hide Prices by Gravity software ltd

Ecommerce store

Get a Quote & Hide Prices by Gravity software ltd is a good choice you should consider. Firstly, it allows you to direct the conversation with your buyers. Therefore, you can share more information with the customers about the product and its price. The Get a Quote button can be used in place of the Add to Cart button. As a result, customers will click the button to send you questions if they are interested in the items. It helps to eliminate forgotten goods if consumers simply add them to their cart and never purchase them. Furthermore, you are too busy to react to all customers. Don’t worry, Get a Quote & Hide Prices will help you by making a contact form for your customers to fill out with their questions and requirements. FInally, Get a Quote & Hide Prices by Gravity software is easy to set up.

Awesome features:

  • Get a Quote button.
  • Allow clients to contact you with questions.
  • Make it possible for you to build a contact form.
  • Reduce the number of items that have been abandoned.

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UPS Small Package Quotes by Eniture technology

Quote system

UPS Small Package Quotes is another Shopify quote app developed by  Eniture technology. This app has a lot of useful features. Thus, it will help you keep track of your shipping costs and order. Besides that, this app provides reliable real-time shipping quotes based on your agreed prices and the actual weight. Furthermore, you have full control on how the quotes are displayed such as service options, package sizes, residential delivery, and more.

Awesome features:

  • Choose the services you want to provide to customers.
  • Get quotes based on the sizes of your regular boxes.
  • Keep track of the shipping parameters.

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Shopify quote app- Qteedy by Paidify

shopify quite apps

Allowing your customers to build a quote is an important feature of Qteedy. Firstly, your customers are allowed to create an order without  the checkout process. And then the order has been made and processed, customers will receive a PDF invoice with their quote. Not only that, you can change the price of the quote and then give the buyers an invoice. So let’s run Qteedy by Paidify right now

Awesome features:

  • Allow customers to receive a PDF invoice for their quote.
  • You can change the price at any time and submit a PDF invoice to your customers.

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FedEx LTL Freight Quotes by Eniture technology

shopify app for quote

FedEx LTL Freight Quotes by Eniture technology is the last Shopify quote app in this list. Install this app right now to get a 14-day trial of these amazing features following:

  • Costs of delivery should be recorded for each order.
  • Use the carrier’s name to mark or brand the quote.
  • Locate a nearby shipping zone.
  • Enable customers to pick up their orders in-store.

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