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May 14, 2021

Shopify stock alert app: Top 10 effective apps for your Shopify stores

Low stock in an eCommerce company can be a major issue. when famous items are unavailable and customers will leave your store. And then find another store. This is why you need one Shopify stock alert app to ensure that your inventory levels remain secure. Shopify stock alert app can assist you in maintaining consistent and good stock levels. As a result, your store can sell online continuously. Some applications will assist you in placing purchase orders so that stock is automatically reordered, saving you time and money. Thus, in this blog, ArrowTheme collected Top 10 effective stock alert apps for your Shopify stores. Let’s explore. 

Notify Me by Makeprosimp

Using Notify Me by Makeprosimp, your store will receive notifications of out-of-stock items. This is important for shop owners. Besides that, you are able to set up several email alerts and Web Push Notification reminders for items that are fully sold out. Moreover, when inventory falls below Inventory Warning Levels, you have permission to use up to 5 mail addresses to send out-of-stock product alerts. As a result, you can save time by not having to search for products that are already sold out, and you can extend sales by filling inventory.

Highlight features: 

  • Send different email reminders to notify if product is out of stock
  • Change the subject line and vendor name for email reminders
  • Control inventory stock.
  • From an email alert, you can edit the inventory.

Low Stock Alert by Exto

With Low Stock Warning, you can prevent losing your merchant’s reputation or losing a large number of orders as you catch up. Moreover, this Shopify stock alert app is helpful to control your inventory and give you different notifications when it falls below a certain warning level. Besides that, you can get an email notice about those low stock products on a regular basis conveniently. You may also choose the most appropriate timeline for all of the warnings. One more thing is the free app. 

Highlight features: 

  • Send you email whenever goods are running low on stock.
  • Download the list of low-in-stock products and receive it via email.
  • With just one click, you can access the low stock list..
  • Set up the email alert to be received at a specific time.

StockBot by Storebuilder

You’re a boss, and you want someone to notify you when a product’s supply is running low. Stockbot is a Shopify stock alert app that will solve that problem. This Shopify stock alert app allows you to set the time for sending low-stock warning emails like hourly, daily, or weekly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sold-out items causing shoppers to be disappointed thanks to warning emails. Furthermore, an Excel report is attached to each email so that you can determine the exact number of remaining inventories. Moreover, this app includes Inventory Forecasting. As a result, you can know how many goods you should have in your store to satisfy customer demand. 

Highlight features: 

  • Low-quantity products should be announced.
  • Predict the optimal number of goods to satisfy the needs of consumers.
  • Avoid running out of stock.
  • Provide an online web report
  • Control inventory costs more effectively.

MerchBees Low Stock Alert by Merchbees

When an item’s inventory level falls below a certain threshold, it may decrease your sale. So let MerchBees Low Stock Alert by Merchbees to help you control your products. You are able to create multiple email notifications with Merchbees for different email subjects and recipients. Not only that, an overview of a low stock item list as well as a CSV report are included in the emails. You can also select the best days and times to receive updates, or be alerted as soon as your item’s stock is low. This low stock warning tool also has advanced filtering capabilities. Furthermore, monitoring inventory based on location is an important feature of a Shopify stock alert app.

Highlight features: 

  • Set a warning for a single or multiple locations.
  • Set a warning based on the stock of both the version and the total stock of the product.
  • On the web report, you can see all of the low stock products.

EZ Inventory ‑ Inventory Sync & Alerts by Highview apps llc

With thousands of items, store owners face many challenges in managing inventory. As a result, users will need the Shopify app, EZ Inventory ‑ Inventory Sync & Alerts by Highview apps llc is a perfect pick for owners of online stores. 

Highlight features: 

  • Enable inventory quantity synchronization.
  • Set up low stock alerts
  • Upload a feed automatically.
  • Filtering options for advanced users
  • Supporting multiple location

Low Stock Notifier by Xeon app

Low Stock Notifier by Xeon app is a good Shopify stock alert app to help you prevent out-of-stock products. If your product is out-of-stock, it will immediately notify you. Moreover, Shopify store owners are able to set up a notification in minutes without requiring any coding.

Highlight features: 

  • Send out low-stock notifications.
  • Filtering product variants
  • Creating email templates. quickly
  • Easy to install notifications.
  • Sending notifications via email or Slack

Low Inventory Alert Guru- Shopify stock alert app

Low Inventory Alert Guru connects to Shopify and the Shopify POS system. This Shopify stock alert app allows you to set low stock alerts in seconds and better manage your inventory. Besides that, thanks to this app’s reports, you can be sure that you won’t run out of valuable stock. One more thing is there are no coding requirements. As a result, you are able to install this Shopify stock alert app on your website with ease. Moreover, Low Inventory Alert Guru also offers multiple locations. Thus you can manage your products easily. 

Highlight features: 

  • Set your own low stock limits.
  • Control different locations 
  • Monitor the inventory of products.

Stocky – Shopify stock alert app

Stocky comes with lots of cool features that you are looking for in your online store. This multi-functional stock app is about stock synchronization as well as reminding you when stock is poor. Moreover, this Shopify stock alert app offers several locations, and you can transfer stock between them if necessary. This is easily accomplished using the Shopify admin dashboard or the Shopify POS scheme.

Highlight features: 

  • Compatible with Shopify POS
  • When a stock falls below a certain level, it will send you a notification.
  • Purchase orders can be generated with this tool.

STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity

Using this Shopify stock alert app, you are able to add stock levels to product and selection pages on your web with ease. Furthermore, you are able to customize any elements on your online store such as: colors, fonts, sizes, text. Additionally, STOCK LEVEL inventory quantity also offers multilanguage. Therefore, your customers can translate the current language into another one. Moreover, this app also allows you to add low stock warnings on your products. Hence, your customers may increase it as quickly as possible. 

Highlight features: 

  • Add labels to the inventory to warn consumers when there is a shortage.
  • It’s easy to set up because of no coding requirements 
  • Add stock to product/collection pages.
  • You can translate the stock labels into any language.

Inventory Planner-Shopify stock alert app

This app helps you to maximize your cash flow and time. As a result, you’ll be able to know when your store’s supplies are likely to run out. Not only that, you will receive notification via email when your store’s stock is limited. The app is simple to set up. Besides that, this app also brings to you a lot of helpful features to improve the efficiency of your website.

Highlight features: 

  • Keep control of your stock at all times.
  • When the stock falls below a certain level, the app sends you a low stock warning.
  • Use in a variety of sales platforms.
  • Monitoring the revenue with ease

One of the most biggest issues of eCommerce is not having enough stock to sell. Without inventory, there are no sales. That is why it is beneficial to use the Shopify stock alert app on your store to assist you with inventory management. These will save you time and allow you to continue selling to customers. Or if want to build other Ecommerce website, you should consider our Shopify Packages which come in three options: Basic, Standard, and Advance to create a fantastic online store. You will still have a beautiful and functional online store with our Basic package without paying more. Furthermore, our Standard and Advance packages, which are significant upgrades from the Basic package, will provide you with almost every feature of Shopify. So if you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Let’s CONTACT US to explore them.

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