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April 9, 2021

Toys store shopify theme: Top 10 powerful themes to get the perfect online store presence

As you know, toys are always an important part of any child’s childhood. Many toys are only satisfied with children’s favourites. However, there are a variety of toys that give children a lot of helpful knowledge about different areas in life. With the huge demand, the Toys store is growing more and more popular and shop owners can gain high profits from this business. In order to get the effective outcome, you must choose the powerful theme to get the perfect online store presence. In the article below, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 awesome Toys store shopify theme. Let’s start right now!

1. Lusion

The first toys store shopify theme we want to recommend you in this list is Lusion from ArrowHiTech – one of the most famous outsourcing technologies in the market. On top of that, Lusion is a flexible multi – purpose shopify theme. Hence, you can use this theme for operating every type of online store in a perfect way. With the attractive and well – structured design style, your site will have a great look, so that it can draw any customer at the first glance. 

Toys store shopify theme

Besides, Lusion comes with 30 homepage templates, 12+ shop pages and 10+ Product pages for you to choose. What’s more, it is fully responsive and mobile- first design. As a result, your website will look extremely stunning on all modern devices and browsers. Not only that, Lusion also includes a bunch of advanced functions. For instance, “360 degree view product” allows customers to see your products from every aspect, then, your sales surely increase quickly. Best of all, you can take advantage of a lot of additional apps integrated in this theme without needing any help from a third – party. 

Great news! Lusion theme is now fully compatible with latest Shopify 2.0. It comes with new features and enhancements providing easier and more flexible customization options for merchants.

Some new features you’ll get when choosing Shopify 2.0 theme

  • Sections are available on every page like the Home page, product page, collection page, collection list page, cart page, etc.
  • App Block supports you to relocate or move Shopify apps within the template without touching the code files.
  • Shopify Metafields permits you to add dynamic information about your products, variants, collections, customers, orders, blogs, and many more in your store.
  • Collection and search filters support you to filter products and search results by availability, price, vendor (brand), color, and many more.

2. Edukit – Toys store shopify theme

best Toys store shopify theme

Edukit is considered as one of the most powerful Toys store shopify themes you must know to successfully launch your online store. At first, Edukit is an exceptionally optimized shopify theme thanks to the coding of HTML5, CSS3 and Sass CSS. This Toys store shopify theme showcases in your eyes as an impressive and outstanding appearance. Of course, a beautiful look is not enough to build a successful e – commerce website, you also need a theme with various first – class features as well as great performance. And, Edukit will help you to achieve this goal. Best of all, SEO optimization is also an issue you must focus on. Following that, your site will have many opportunities to increase its rankings on the first results top of search engines. 

3. Toytown


Toytown is known as the world of children’s toys. In fact, this Toys store shopify theme captures trends very well. On top of that, Toytown is the wonderful combination of powerful fonts and trendy graphics that’s very friendly with both parents and children. Hence, customers will receive the best experience when visiting your site and purchasing your items. Besides, it comes with 3 options of layouts for you to select, specifically includes 2 types of Full width layouts and one Box layout. What’s more is the integration of a variety of awesome theme modules. Some of them are: Category tab slider, Product slider, Client Testimonials, Blog module, Gallery Block and so on. 

4. KalaBabies – Toys store shopify theme

KalaBabies - Toys store shopify theme

If you’re seeking a powerful shopify theme for selling toys, you should have a glance at KalaBabies. At first, this toys store shopify theme offers 7+ pre – made Homepage layouts for you to choose and all of them support topics related to children. Then, they are very colorful, eye – catching and friendly to children. Besides, the most significant features of this theme we must mention is no coding requirement. Thanks to that, you can effortlessly operate and adjust your site without touching any line of code. Moreover, KalaBabies is compatible with every type of modern device from mobile phone, tablet to desktop thanks to the “Web responsive design”. 

5. Herokids

Coming to Herokids and you will be disappointed about the amazing outcomes it brings. It is one of the most flawless toys store shopify themes for you to develop your site. Firstly, comes with UX/UI standard design as well as a wide range of smart functions, there is no denying the correspondence of this Toys store shopify theme for e- commerce websites. Besides, Speed loading is the must function mention of this theme according to the evaluation of Google Page Speed with 53 on mobile and 96 on desktop version. 


Other highlight features of Herokids:

  • Fully responsive design and Retina ready: your site will have a great look on every device
  • Multi – language and RTL language
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Product Quick View Popup
  • Off – canvas Shopping Cart. 

6. Kids Store 

powerful toys store shopify theme

Unleash your creativity and imagination with this Kids Store, your e- commerce website will surely be on top of the best – selling themes in the market. Although its design is quite colorful, it still does not lose the cleanliness and elegance. Therefore, your site will capture both parents and child’s attention, then, it boosts sales as well. Besides, this toys store shopify theme comes with 5 types of Mega menu. Following that, you can choose the suitable one and arrange your items with some simple operations. 

7. Toyqo – Toys Store shopify theme


In case you haven’t any ideas for decorating your toys online store, you should take a look at Toyqo. With any store, especially Toys stores, appearance is the most important part. This is because it will decide whether customers visit your website or not. Then, your site must be designed to be extremely colorful and attractive in order to make customers can’t keep their eyes off your site. Addition to, Toyqo is a 100% responsive design. This is the reason why your site always looks stunning on all modern devices yet don’t lose its best functions. 

8. Kids Life

If you’re looking for an impressive Toys store shopify theme, you should take a look at Kids Life. On top of that, this theme is coded with HTML5 & CSS3 plus astonishing and parallax effect. As a result, it can protect your site with high security and be ready to update. Besides, wanna your site stand out among the crowded, the Unique Portfolio will support you to get this goal. 

Kids Life - Toys store shopify theme

Other highlight features of Kids Life:

  • Fully responsive in every type of modern device and compatible with any browser
  • Widgetized sidebar allows viewers to see your items larger with a simple drag and drop. 
  • Shipping calculator
  • Mega menu
  • Mailchimp support. 

9. Toyc – Toys store shopify theme

perfect Toys store shopify theme

Coming to Toyc and experiencing all the functions one toy online store must have. Because this theme specializes in toys, then, it is designed very bright as well as eye – catching. As a result, customers, especially children will be drawn at the first visit to your site. Besides the pre – made layout templates, you have many freedoms to customize anything you want owing to the wide range of Ready sections. Some of them are: Newsletter, Image with text, Banners, Collection list and so much more. 

10. Creative Toy

best - selling Toys store shopify theme

Let your store become one of the best – selling Toys online stores in the market with Creative Toy. Coming with the standard UX/UI graphic trend and fully responsive design, then, your site will have an excellent appearance on every type of device. Besides is no coding required. Hence, you don’t have to grapple with any problem of coding even if you’re an absolutely newbie. 

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