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May 18, 2021

Shopify discount app: Top 10 best apps you need to install for your Shopify store

If you looking for a powerful app that allows you to offer group deals, bundle products discount and promotions for any kind of event for Shopify store, Shopify discount app is an effective solution for you. In this post, Arrowtheme ’ve picked out 10 of the best Shopify discount app on the market.

1. Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App

Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App

Bold Discounts is a popular, top-rated app by Bold. It is a blend of a few of the apps on our list. This app allows the shop owner to create site wide sales or discount products by brand, collection, or type—there’s no need for coupon codes. Besides, this tool also enables you to schedule daily deals, and notify your shoppers via a countdown clock.


  • Create urgency with a sale timer.
  • Add automatic sales icons and sale countdown timers to the products
  • There’s no limit to the number of offers you can run at one time.
  • Auto-tag products on sale
  • Sales Clock & Countdown Sales Timer

2. Wholesale Pricing Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discount helps you to provide prices for certain customers on your Shopify store. With this app, customers can easily set up wholesale discounts for client group or shoppers. In addition, you can easily provide discounts for certain items collections, and the whole store. More importantly, you can set up volume discounts so that the discounts can inspire shoppers to buy more.

More than that, Wholesale Pricing Discount app lets you focus on what you are really thinking they are crucial. Also, you can receive no phone calls or manual placed orders from emails and allows your shoppers order online with their prices.


  • Offer price discounts to specific customers, collections or products
  • Offer users with volume deal to increase conversion rates and sales
  • Allow customers order online with prices
  • Enable customers to set up many discounts they like
  • Set up wholesales shipping rates

3. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts helps the shop owner easily to setup Product Bundles with distinctive types of discounts that improve the Conversion Rate of your online store. As you know that, to attract more customers, it is essential to use discount codes which encourage them to buy more. Whenever the customers visits your store, they will get the notification about the promotions. Last but not least, this app is Free and very simply to install without coding knowledge


  • Schedule Bundles today to BFCM(Black Friday & Cyber Monday) Season
  • ScriptEditor App Integration
  • Match cart with multiple bundles
  • Match cart multiple times for the same bundle
  • Generate a bundle page with all your bundles
  • Embed Bundle in any page (Homepage, Shopify Page, Collection, etc.)

4. Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts is a completely free app. With the help of this too, you can generate thousands of single use, limited use, or unlimited use codes with expiry dates with ease. Moreover, this app integrates with Groupon and Living Social to help you to import discount codes in bulk, and you can export them effortlessly


  • Easily generate discount codes to run social campaigns
  • Run a loyalty program? Use Bulk Discounts to create discounts for your loyalty customers
  • Use our app to create discount codes for your partners and affiliates

5. Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

This Shopify app helps the shop owners influence their business by adding more discount codes on their online store. This discount app can save a lot of time on installing and boosting the sales. Besides, it integrates seamlessly with many other Shopify modules, so your Shopify store will be more powerful and functional. Moreover, the admin can easily add more discounts on the chosen products in the customer’s cart. More importantly, the discount information will be shown on your page whenever the users click any products.


  • Provide more discounts for a bulk discounts
  • Generate sales by collection
  • Support the live chat
  • Manually customize theme
  • Showcase the special sale badge

6. Volume & Discounted Pricing

Volume & Discounted Pricing

This app allows the shop owner easily to set up quantity break offers to show discounted pricing to shoppers. As a results, the admin easily generate more sales with bulk orders by providing volume discounts and custom pricing on products or the entire collection. More than that, this tool provides tiered discounts and pricing to your customers based on tags.


  • Offer percentage-based volume and quantity discounts
  • Offer $ based volume and quantity discounts
  • Gennerate dynamic discounts for future products with tags
  • Add unlimited discount levels

7. Automatic Discounts & Gifts

Shopify discount app

Discounts code is an effective solution to motivate customers to purchase more. Therefore, it is very important for the shop owners to incentivize their users on the discounts. The autofill discount from URL app is what you are looking, by this app, you can generate any discount code and put it in an email to your shoppers. Moreover, whenever the user visit to your website, there is a visible message that let them know you are offering the discount and they can use this discount code directly in the checkout.

More importantly, your customers ca easily share the discount codes links to their friends and relatives. Therefore, more and more potential customers know about your Shopify store. Besides, the shop owners can easily customize their store’s functions on their own with Autofill Discount from URL app.


  • Offer automatic discount links on specific pages
  • Showcase the applied discount in the cart page
  • Set rules base on cart contents
  • Set the schedule for the rules
  • Combine rules for the particular code

8. Bulk Discounts Now

Shopify discount app

Bulk Discounts Now increases your average order value by encouraging your shoppers to spend more to get volume discounts. Moreover, with Bulk Discounts Now, you can add tiered pricing and bulk discounts to any items or collection with ease. Especially, Bulk Discounts Now is compatible with pop-up carts and cart drawers (AJAX carts), Shopify’s native currency converter feature, and many types of discount codes (paid plans only).


  • Incentivizes your customers to purchase more products, resulting in increased AOV and sales.
  • Increases shopper confidence on the cart page by showing them how much they’re saving.
  • Differentiates you from your competitors and helps attract new customers.
  • Very simple to set up with no code requirements – works out of the box with most themes.

9. VolumeBoost ‑ Volume Discount

Shopify discount app

With Volume discount, the app would incentive more customers and guarantee the number of loyal customers and manage orders better. Firstly, you can show sale percentage of customers ’products depended on the volume and quantity of products. Moreover, you can adjust the percentage of each discount if your desire is to attract more customers’ interest. Another outstanding feature of the app is to customize the interface in line with the online store’s demands.


  • Offer a pool of discount codes
  • Boost sales revenue
  • Upgrade interface with professional images
  • Assist in marketing plan
  • Promote wholesales

10. Quantity Breaks & Discounts

Shopify discount app

Quantity Discount provides the powerful features that help the shop owners easily create discounts and attract more customers. Moreover, you can install and integrate it with other tools for your shops with ease. In addition, this module also support the shop owners to improve the sales and advertise more effectively.

There is the outstanding feature which simplifies the checkout process by motivating the customers to purchase more. All the discounts codes are notified on the page with a pop-up window to any users. Also, the shoppers will be reminded again when they move to the products cart page. Last but not least, there are multiple products are made via a tiered pricing scale.


  • Offer quick bulk update
  • Fully customizable break bar
  • Easy to set up the discount rate
  • Fully friendly app
  • Require no product duplicates


With the above the best Shopify discount app, we hope the shop owners can increase sales and also spread their online business. Besides, if you plan to renovate your current site or build a brand-new one, we’re here to help. At Arrowtheme – we provide the integration and customization service to help merchants improve the customer experience.

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