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May 31, 2021

Magento abandoned cart email extension: Top 10 best ones to increase the conversion rate for your Magento 2 stores

An abandoned order is something that no shop owner wants to have in their store. However, limiting abandoned carts has never been so easy. In addition to good product quality, you also need to have appropriate discount policies to attract customers. Then, it will help your store minimum the abandoned carts to the lowest level. If you are running a Magento store and are having a headache about many forgotten carts, you should take advantage of Magento abandoned cart email extension. 

In fact, your store will achieve a lot of benefits if you take advantage of this extension effectively. Some of the outstanding ones are boosting the conversion rate and building a great relationship with your customers. For more details, in this article, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 10 best Magento abandoned cart email extensions in the global market. So, let’s refer to them right now! 

Top 10 flawless Magento abandoned cart email extensions for ecommerce business

1. Abandoned Cart Email by Mageplaze

Magento abandoned cart email extension

Coming to this topic and the first Magento abandoned cart email extension we suggest for you is “Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2”. Why is this extension highly appreciated? The main reason is its effectiveness in reducing your cart abandonment to the minimum level. First and foremost, as a shop owner, you can follow customers and send mass emails to a specific group of customers. Aside from that, it also dazzles for your clients with exceptional discounts and flawless service. As a result, increasing conversion rate will become easier than ever with this extension. 

Highlight features:

  • Configure your email chain according to your preferences
  • Coupons can be generated automatically
  • Assist Google Analytics UTM and Email Logs
  • Customize emails as you want
  • SMTP compatibility. 

2. Magento abandoned Cart email extension by Aheadworks

best Magento abandoned cart email extension

In case you’re seeking a wonderful Magento extension to cut down the abandoned cart as well as boost sales, you should take a look at the extension by Aheadworks. On top of that, this extension enables shopkeepers to email customers automatically in order to contact them more conveniently. For more details, these emails have the goal of calling up clients of their abandoned carts. And, it assists them in returning to your store to complete the purchase process. As a result, it will help your ecommerce business increase conversion rates and gain high profits in the shortest time. 

Outstanding features:

  • Allow reminders about abandoned carts to be sent automatically
  • Multilingual marketing support is available
  • Provide different cart conditions to limit the audience effectively
  • Allow accurate segmentation of customer groups.

3. Abandoned Cart Emails Pro for Magento 2

extension to increase conversion rate

If you can limit the abandoned carts, your online store will generate more shopping purchases and boost revenue with ease. And, “Abandoned Cart Emails Pro” was created to help you do that. Simply speaking, this Magento abandoned cart email extension assists you in restoring abandoned carts in your Magento store. Besides, you can use this app to send automated emails to customers and include coupons in those letters. Thanks to that, it will grab customer’s attention and encourage them to come back to place orders in your store. 

Awesome features:

  • With only one click, you may retrieve your cart
  • Allow for the attachment of a discount voucher to an email
  • As soon as you click the email link, you are able to log in automatically
  • Enable customers to opt out of receiving future alerts.

4. Magento Abandoned Cart Email extension by Amasty

awesome Magento abandoned cart email extension

This extension from Amasty is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a great solution to minimize the abandoned cart. In fact, your ecommerce store will surely benefit greatly from this powerful extension. To begin, this plugin runs as a smart sending email tool. Following that, it will easily send out enticing emails automatically to approach customers and push them to complete their abandoned products. As a result, your conversion rate will improve dramatically.

Key features:

  • Ability to simply modify email design
  • Keeping track of email campaigns with Google Analytics
  • Enable to build an infinite number of rules
  • Allow for the automatic creation of one-of-a-kind discount vouchers for your potential clients. 

5. Abandoned Cart – Magento 2 ® Extensions

ecommerce store extension

Coming to the another Magento extension you should need to install for your store called “Abandoned Cart – Magento 2 ® Extensions”. In fact, it is considered as an excellent Magento abandoned cart email extension in the global market. Simply speaking, this fantastic solution enables you to swiftly resolve all abandoned carts by sending marketing emails to the customer. Then, they will feel cared for and satisfied with your online store as a result of this. Therefore, your ecommerce store will easily boost sales and drive more profits with ease. 

Highlight features:

  • Its installation is very simple
  • Enable you to freely create email templates
  • Allow for one-click cart recovery
  • Support you to lessen the workload. 

6. Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 by Magedelight

outstanding Magento abandoned cart email extension

If you’re looking for a great solution that helps you cut down the amount of abandoned carts effectively, let’s consider this extension from Magedelight. Firstly, this extension was built with the aim of assisting you in the refurbishment of abandoned shopping carts. Then, not only does it help you raise your sales, but it also develops close ties between customers and you. What’s more, this awesome Magento abandoned cart email extension also supports you to follow and control over emails effectively.

Outstanding features:

  • It’s extremely simple to generate email chains to deliver to customers
  • Next, it helps you reduce cart abandonment and enhance revenue by tracking and managing emails
  • Allow for the creation of improved reports
  • Support Google analytics. 

7. Magento abandoned cart email extension by Magenest

wonderful Magento abandoned cart email extension

Don’t worry if your store is facing the problem of having too many abandoned products, because this Magento extension from Magenest will resolve it for you. To begin, this extension allows you to recover lost sales by sending consumers email reminders about their incomplete purchases. Besides, it also automatically generates the suitable coupons to attach to the reminder emails sent to your customers . Following that, its purpose is to encourage them to return to your store and finish their abandoned orders.

Awesome features:  

  • In the Magento 2 backend, you may easily customize email designs
  • Next, support you to create vouchers for each email automatically
  • Allows you to manage abandoned cart email campaigns and reports
  • Connect with Mandrill (Mailchimp). 

8. Abandoned Cart Email Extension For Magento 2 by Magebees

email extension

Can’t help but mention the Magento abandoned cart email extension by Magebees for any shop owner to increase the conversion rate. For effective outcomes, this extension makes it simple to specify cart abandonment criteria. Besides, you are free to modify email designs as you want to attract customer’s interest. Moreover, it also allows you to maintain track of email history. In addition, thanks to this extension, you can effortlessly create discount codes to entice infrequent visitors to buy your items. 

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, it allows you to keep track of abandoned carts
  • Make a schedule for your retention emails
  • Next, support the customizable ability to email designs
  • Drive more orders and recover lost sales
  • Allow you to connect with prospective customers with ease.

9. Magento extension by Land of Coder

best Magento abandoned cart email extension

If you’re having an issue with abandoned carts, let’s utilize this extension and you will never be disappointed with its results. First and foremost, it helps you send consumers reminder emails about their abandoned products and persuade them to return to your site. Aside from that, you can establish and choose stunning templates from a variety of options, as well as edit them to fit your demands. Additionally, this plugin is unique in that it allows you to define several rules to tailor your audience, resulting in a more successful result. 

Key features:

  • Firstly, you have freedom to edit email templates as you want
  • Next, it helps you create coupon automatically
  • Support Google Analytics 
  • Optimize the number of audiences to the lowest level. 

10. Magento extension by Mageworx

flawless Magento abandoned cart email extension

Last but not least in this list is the extension coming from Mageworx. On top of that, this Magento abandoned cart email extension is an important and helpful component of every marketing campaign. For more details, you can easily increase revenue by sending automated emails to customers who abandoned their shopping carts. Included with these email reminders are coupons, codes for free shipping and so on. As a result, it will attract customer’s attention and push them to finish their orders immediately. 

Outstanding features: 

  • Firstly, it helps you send abandoned cart emails automatically
  • Next, it’s very simple to keep track of and control these emails
  • Easily auto-login and return to the cart
  • Discounts and vouchers can be distributed without any hard effort. 

In conclusion 

All in all, Arrowtheme hopes you can select the best Magento abandoned cart email extension through this article. And then, your ecommerce store will develop and succeed quickly. In order to achieve this goal, you should not only take advantage of other Magento extensions but also Magento themes

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