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May 14, 2021

Shopify fulfillment app: Top 10 best free and paid apps on the market for your Shopify stores

Shopify fulfillment app is a useful feature helps you in many ways. For instance, this app can assist you to find the best carrier for the best price or providing a fulfillment service. In this article, we are going to analyze and recommend the 10 best Shopify fulfillment app based on their main functions, users’ feedback, prices.

1. Tracktor Order Tracking

Tracktor Order Tracking

Trackto is an essential tool for all shop owners to help the customers to track their orders in real-time right. Besides, this app allows you to showcase the status of orders to customers with a registered account. In details, Trackto offers a real-time integration with more than 500 package carriers in over the world, which can support your customers to track their order status in real-time. On the other hand, As a admin store, you can immediately add distinctive tracking links in your already-automated emails and Shopify customer notifications.

2. Easy Fulfillment

Easy Fulfillment

Easyship brings you a lot of benefits when you’re shipping internationally, that lets you to open up to a wider world of shoppers. Also, this module also helps you to make more of your social media marketing and create a larger, more effective email marketing list. More than that, this app works in numerous countries such as US, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. And it is very easy to install and use on your online store.

3. Fulfillrite


If you are seeking for an app which allows you to fulfill orders, you can take a look at Fulfillrite. By using this tool, your products will be changed from your location to the service provider, then it will choose, pack and ship your products to your shoppers immediately. Moreover, although the app is in charge of the fulfillment process, you can still manage the shipments, orders or inventory, etc. from your client portal. Besides, your costumers will get an email of tracking information and delivery confirmation when they place an order

4. Auto Fulfill

Auto Fulfill

Auto Fulfill helps the show owners automatically send orders and update tracking numbers & fulfillment. With this app, you can avoid wasting time striving to look for the right vendor for every order and then send its related information by emails. Furthermore, you don’t need to track numbers and manually fulfill the orders anymore since this app features sending tracking numbers to you in a spreadsheet by emails. More importantly, you will receive a so-called additional email if there is any delay in the shipping process. On top of that, without any human intervention, this module will mark the order for you as fulfilled.

5. Fulfill Sync :Bulk fulfillment

 Fulfill Sync :Bulk fulfillment

UpTracker comes with powerful features that allows the shop owner automatically fulfill your orders by supporting over five millions order tracking codes and still updating. Besides, you easily can download links to your vendor, drop-shipper, supplier, or warehouse to get the latest fulfillment status, such as Tracking Code and Tracking Company. Furthermore, there are a ton of connection methods available, such as SFTP, Direct Link, Upload, Email, FTP, FTP with TLS and more

6. Amazon FBA Shipping

Shopify fulfillment app

This Shopify fulfillment app connects your Shopify account with the FBA Shipping system in the US and abroad for an easier system. Also, this app can handle with the multi-channel fulfillment. With this, you can use international FBA centers without the need of having more apps. The app can just choose the right warehouse that you want.

More than that, the app supports for updates on order every five minutes. Therefore, you can always see at what stage your order is at. Likewise, it will automatically update your shoppers via email when their products have been shipped. Therefore, there is a lot of manual work that can often make your works inefficient.

7. ShipMonk | Order Fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment app

ShipMonk order fulfillment enables you to integrate your Shopify store with the ShipMonk system. Moreover, the app offers real-time shipping rates. It make sure that neither you nor the shoppers are paying too much for shipping. In addition, the fulfillment center can have order tracking added for you, real-time inventory management, account notifications and more. Besides, this app uses more than 30 discounted delivery options, therefore, shipping can be more cost effective for your Shopify store

Charges for the service are depended on the amount of storage you’re using per day. So, if your goods aren’t in stock on a day, there are no charges. Finally, there is a returns management system that assists you to keep customer satisfaction high while also being easily and hassle-free for you.

8. Order Lookup

Shopify fulfillment app

Order Lookup provide an easy-to-use customer facing portal to your storefront. This helps your shoppers to enter their email address and order number, supporting them to access their order information, in real time. Additionally, it includes any notes or tracking information you, the store owner, may have added.

By using Order Lookup, a significant amount of your customer support requirements will be eliminated, which avoid wasting the time and money. At the same time it allows you to provide a flawless customer experience.

Additionally, this highly customizable modules enables you to change the display styles and output information. This app also is offered in multiple languages but supports any language you choose.

9. TrackingMore ‑ Order Trackin

Shopify fulfillment app

This Shopify fulfillment app can support up to over 500 couriers in the world. In this way, it is absolutely able to automatically detect the tracking number and helps you know the exact status of all packages from your online store. On top of that, TrackingMore also features filtering and sorting by dates, monitoring status, destinations, couriers, in order to support you act beforehand when identifying that the order is at risk. Especially, all of your orders will completely be up-to-date in an automatic way. You don’t need to send the email notifications to your customers and notifying them of their order status,. All thing you need is automating the process so that your shoppers will receive the email notification when the package is “Out for delivery” and “Delivered”.

10. ShipNerd

Shopify fulfillment app

ShipNerd helps your shipping fast, easy and affordable. Without the hidden fees or volume commitments, huge discounts and this app support with the best in the business. Besides, your store’s orders will sync with ShipNerd to make label creation quick and easy.  Once you choose a ShipNerd speed, you ‘will be provided with the courier’s name, a scannable shipping label, and show you the nearest drop-off location.

These are the best Shopify fulfillment app we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store. Visit the our website to browse even more Shopify apps and Shopify themes for your online business.

Wrapping up

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