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May 25, 2021

Shopify Instagram app: Top 10 amazing free and premium apps for your Shopify stores

Shopify Instagram app allows you to add an Instagram feed or carousel to your Shopify website. Your customers can then browse posts from your Instagram, which can serve as discovery but also as social proof of your business thus leading to increased conversions and sales for your online website. In this post today, we will review Top 10 Shopify Instagram apps for your store. Let’s take a look right now! 

1. Instagram shop by SNPT

Instagram shop by SNPT

Instagram shop allows shoppers to shop on your Instagram feed. This app comes with some features which can be helpful for you. Firstly, this tool can help you boost sales by linking your Instagram images with your products. Similarly, you can create shoppable, product page galleries, embeddable Instagram galleries, catalogs & lookbooks from your feed and put anything you want in it.

Secondly, by using the visual marketing analytics, you can identify the images that prompt your customers to come to your online store and the ones that compel them to purchase. Besides, with this tool, you can make it easy for your followers and prospects who come from other channels to purchase the product they see in your Instagram posts.


  • Improve sales and revenues
  • Link Instagram images with products
  • Provide visual marketing analytics
  • Easy to use and setup
  • It’s 100% free

2. Instagram Feed + Stories


The next Shopify Instagram Shopify app we want to recommend you is Instagram Feed. To begin, by showing Instagram Stories & Highlights along with Instagram Feed, this app can support you tp boost sales with ease. Besides, it allows you to use stories to show your product videos, reviews & Social Proof easily. What’s more, this app pulls the latest Instagram Feed and showcase above Footer, so you can contact customer support to customize the placement.

3. Instagram Feed

Shopify Instagram app

Instagram feed comes with many distinctive features. First, you can add hashtags to the post related to the items. These hashtags will supports your products jump on the top searching result, hence customers are more likely to see them. Second, to attract more visitors as well as vary the product display, this app allows admins to upload one-minute videos.

Moreover, you can improve the quality of images by using available vivid filters and effects as well as the square frame, which helps your pictures and short clips mores gorgeous. Thirdly, the shop owners can share these images on your Shopify store to other social media to develop your brand’s recognition.


  • Generate Instagram-like feeds
  • Generate hundreds of photo galleries
  • Integrate with social media: Instagram
  • Improve the number of visitors
  • Upgrade store design

4. Instagram Feed 

Shopify Instagram app

Instagram Feed  is an ideal solution if you want to automate Instagram and generate an Instagram Feed page or upload your own photos to show your seasonal look book. One top of that, this app equips you with a helpful visual commerce which curate Homepage hero Galleries, automate Product page one or generate a killer Press page. Moreover, this Shopfify app supports users to upload their own photos. Automate post-purchase email campaigns and monitor which customers have completed the upload, approve their pictures for the gallery and reward them with a discount.


  • Automate Instagram to create an Instagram Feed pag
  • Analyze gallery conversions
  • Keep all your galleries in check anywhere, anytime.
  • Generate a completely curated gallery or a lookbook

5. Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Shopify Instagram app

The Instafeed app is one of great solution in our list. This tool supports you to easily showcase your Instagram content on your online store for social proof. With this, you can expand the reach of your Instagram to your potential customers. Moreover, this app also comes with two types of packages including free version and pro version.


  • Corporate with Instagram accounts
  • Attract more followers
  • Improve the store design
  • Improve the quality of marketing campaign
  • Install easily

6. Shoppable Instagram 

Shoppable Instagram

Let’s take a look at “Shoppable Instagram ” and your business will be developed many more times than before. To begin, this Shopify app equips you with a variety of distinctive features. More details, through this tool, you can easily to generate a Shoppable Instagram Feed & tag products on the photos. At that time, your customers can shop by Instagram feed easily.

Especially, Shoppable Instagram gallery app Cameo enables you to showcase it as a gallery or feed on your online store in grid, slideshow or a collage style that looks great. As a result, the bounce rate on your online store reduces as visitors will stay for longer on your website and purchase more products.

  • Multiple display options – Slideshow, Grid & Collage display mode
  • Add the Shoppable Feed anywhere in site
  • Analytics to track the clicks and views on the Feed
  • Multiple customization options.
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Email Support
  • Direct buy or add to cart function is there by which shoppers can add items to cart by clicking on photos that decrease a step to navigate to products page.

7. Social Media Stream


Social Media Stream is able to integrate with the social media network and your account as well as several others including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr into one social widget. Besides, it isn’t only an app that will enables you to create or share Instagram content, but also allows you to showcase it on your online store

The Instagram settings for this tool supports you to showcase content from a user or a hashtag. Therefore, you can easily customize the appetence basing on whether you want to show all your content or just a subsection of your content. However, be warned, if you use a hashtag, that if anyone else notices this, they can utilize your hashtag on their Instagram accounts to show their content on your online store. If a your competitor make this, you might lose traffic.


  • A free plan is available, however for best use it is better to have one of the premium apps.
  • The feed on your site is refreshed every day (on free plan) or every 15 minutes (paid subscription).
  • Fully mobile supportive so your feed will look responsive on whatever device your customers is browsing your website on.
  • The free plan allows you two streams on your Shopify Store.

8. Showcase ‑ Shop Instagram


With Showcase you can turn your Instagram content and content generated by users into some of the best shoppable galleries on the social media platform for your store. Also, this tool allows users to quickly see and purchase products from your Instagram feeds. Moreover, this app enables you to tag products contained within video and photo Instagram posts to generate a gallery that customers can use to shop from.

Furthermore, one of the best functions for this Shopify app is that you can hand-pick your content, to prevent negative content entering your stream. At the same time, you can automate to save you time enabling you to do the job you love doing: servicing your clients


  • Manage this app on the go with the free mobile app that comes with this Shopify one.
  • A free 14-day trial that can help you see whether Showcase is really the Shopify Instagram app for you.
  • Customisation so you can match the design of the app to your preferred colours, layout and even language.
  • Put user-generated content into focus and prove why your products should be bought by website visitors.

9. Facebook & Instagram AutoPostr


Post Studio AutoPostr is an easy and effective solution for you to use Instagram & social media auto-poster, like Hootsuite but for your Shopify store. If you want to automate publishing your promotions and products to your social network such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds on a daily basis, this tool is a great solution for you.

  • Schedule your posts at specific times during the day
  • Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Generate, schedule and send as many posts as you want to social media pages
  • No manual work, just press play and we will post products to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

10. Instagram Feed


When coming to the top about the awesome Shopify upsell app, you can’t help but mention “Instagram Feed”. On top of that, by intergrading this app, you will easily showcase your awesome Instagram pictures or Instagram feed on your Shopify store in an great gallery style. Therefore, you can engage your customers to check your posts. Besides, you can easily create section for your theme editor and drag and drop Instagram feed widget to place it at your desired position.

  • App enables you to show Images and videos from your Instagram account on your website
  • It may increase your followers
  • It automatically keeps refreshing and show real-time content to your Shopify store.
  • App will show likes and comments for shoppers to find more about your post.
  • Automatic rotating slider.
  • Fully Customizable to match your store theme
  • Impress your customers with smoothly integration and gallery look.

These are the best Shopify translation app Arrowtheme found during our research, and we hope one of them is the best one for your Shopify store. Also, visit the our website for more Shopify apps and Shopify themes to upgrade your Shopify store.

Wrapping up

If you’re already doing a Shopify Instagram, it’s likely that you’re at least reaching some app to power up your website. But remember, it is always much better to have the best support for experts. You can find a technology company to do integration and customization for your website. At Arrowtheme, we provide the professional service to help merchants improve the customer experience. Want to know more about our Shopify service? Check it out

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